A few helpful tips to insure your photo session is as productive as possible.

  1. Please insure the home is photo ready. Due to the busy schedule of the photographer, we are        not able to move items, arrange furniture, nor offer staging advice.

  2. We absolutely love pets! This is why we ask that all pets be crated or moved to a secure location  within the residence. Camera equipment may cause anxiety in your pet, which may lead to aggressive behavior or undue stress. 

  3. We please ask that all contractors, landscaping professionals, cleaners, stagers, videographers, or home service professionals, etc, to not be scheduled during the same time as the photo shoot.  This will delay and may affect the quality of work from all parties involved.

  4. "It is raining outside! do we need to reschedule?" The photography session will move forward  rain or shine. We have high powered flash units to provide ample lighting within the residence.    If there is inclimate weather outside, the photographer can return at a later date to capture exterior photos. 


       You will find more answers to your important questions at our FAQ page.