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Chris Robinson


I'm a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio who specializes in photographing home interiors and real estate.

I grew up 20 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio. That is where I started my journey as a photographer, photographing landscapes and local buildings from the 19th century.


My love for photography catapulted me into the world of retail design and brand marketing. With an art degree and five bucks my pocket, I was determined to be the best photographer I could be.

Soon after, I was hired on at one of the world's leading retail design houses and was  fortunate to work on many projects for companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Porsche, Disney, AMC Theatres, and Planet Hollywood, just to name a few. 


During this time, I was lucky enough to meet a number of amazing artists and designers who opened my eyes to the world of art and architecture.

Eventually in 2003, I was approached by a family member, who was a realtor. They asked If I would be interested in photographing their property listings. I jumped at the chance and my journey has allowed me to meet some wonderful people along the way. 




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