Photography Re-visit



Revisit Interior (5 images MAX)                                            


Revisit Exterior 50.00                                       

                                                                                                          Sometimes properties were not completely ready when the first photoshoot was booked or the weather only permitted interior shoots or your client did some renovations/staging after the date.

We can revisit the property to shoot a few new photographs.

We can reshoot either exterior or 1-2 rooms inside 

(5 images max) 


Any additional images will then be charged as a full photography visit starting at $155

PHOTO DELIVERY: Approx turnaround time to receive photos is 24 "business" hours from the "time" of your shoot. e.g. Shoot completed at 2 p.m. then it will be published by 2 p.m. the next day. If the photoshoot is on Friday the photos will be published by Monday. 

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